Own Your Individual Economy

We all have far more individual economic power than we realize in today’s economy. Entrepreneurs of past generations worked tirelessly to acquire the skills and resources necessary to give them a competitive advantage or allow them to start a business. Today’s entrepreneurs are experiencing a new phenomenon – we can enter the market without 100% of the knowledge, skills or resources required because we know we’ll be able to acquire what we need, when we need it. We call that process augmentation and it’s possible (and becoming even easier!) thanks to emerging technology.

The Center for Individualism has curated a library of various tools and resources, designed to help you augment your individual capacity and reach your full entrepreneurial potential.

Are you an entrepreneur? What kind of entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship is using your knowledge to serve others. Whom are you going to serve? These are the basic questions to answer at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey.

An entrepreneur solves a problem for a target customers. What’s the problem you are going to solve? That requires some diagnosis. How are you going to solve it in a way that is different, better and unique? How can you get the customer to co-create the solution? Entrepreneurship requires Imagination and Belief. How can you imagine the future state in which the problem is solved and how can you develop sufficient belief in yourself to be the solver?

To launch your solution, you must assemble resources in a way that’s never been done before. Happily, today, that’s an easier task than ever before. Learn about ACTION and ACTIVATION to launch your business.

Growth means doing more of what works and discarding what doesn’t. Learn about measurement, metrics, business intelligence, analytics, experimentation, and continuous improvement. Test, learn, adjust, repeat. Here are some of the best tools.

Wondering Where To Start?

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