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Our purpose is to support individuals in building a better life for themselves – and in so doing, to build a better society for all.


The Rise Of The Digital Hand And The Emerging Class Of Digitalpreneurs

The digital hand is the enablement of a broad and deep population of new entrepreneurs who have easy access to infrastructure and resources available via the internet and who can connect to every available source of knowledge, expertise, and support. The digital hand opens economic opportunities for everyday people who can participate as entrepreneurs in today’s economic marketspaces.

But is it sustainable enough and durable enough to resist the dead hand of regulation and restriction? Read Professor Raushan Gross’s deep discussion.

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Individualism: A Reader

There are several interesting and perspective-stretching compilations of writings on individualism, bringing together texts that are in the public domain but not necessarily widely circulated or widely known. “Individualism: A Reader” is one such compilation, assembled by There’s a useful introduction which compares the anti-individualism of Karl Marx with the ambivalence towards individualism of Alexis de Tocqueville and the wholehearted embrace of individualism by E.L. Godkin, who thought of it as a fundamental character trait of the American.The writers gathered together in the compilation range from Oscar Wilde to St. Augustine. The book is a treasure trove to dip into again and again.

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Individualism: A Reader

Road to Serfdom eBook Cover


New Perspectives on the Road To Serfdom

“Our freedom of choice in a competitive society rests on the fact that, if one person refuses to satisfy our wishes, we can turn to another. But if we face a monopolist we are at his absolute mercy.” – F.A Hayek

There can be no denying the important role that F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom has played on the study of free-market economics. And while the book is responsible for swaying public opinion and presenting an alternative to centrally planned economies, the book was written in such a way that may be hard for many modern readers to comprehend. And many suspect that Hayek may have actually intended the book to be this way.

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Ludwig von Mises: Champion of Human Action

One of the most notable economists and social philosophers of the twentieth century, Mises concluded that the only viable economic policy for the human race was a policy of unrestricted laissez-faire, of free markets and the unhampered exercise of the right of private property, with government strictly limited to the defense of person and property within its territorial area.

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Ludwig von Mises
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The Key to a Free and Prosperous Society

Individualism is an idea of society that champions individual liberty, creativity, and self-reliance. A thriving society cannot be engineered by the collectivist designs of central planners, sociology professors, or government economists. Rather, it is is the combined effects of individual actions and the spontaneous collaborations of free people that produce economic growth, cultural vitality, and social wellbeing.

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Our 10-Point Manifesto For Individualism

Hayek gave a speech titled Individualism True and False at a time when Europe and much of the world had committed self-destruction through warring governments. He wanted to point out how this could be avoided by future generations. His prescription was the system of Individualism.

The “false” interpretation of Individualism is that it means isolated, self-contained individuals who don’t collaborate. For Hayek, Individualism was a social concept with the potential to result in a better life for all.

We offer a somewhat modernized summary and language, in the strong belief that the underlying ideas are fully applicable today.

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10 Point Manifesto For Individualism
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