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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Economics Professor Who Discovered the Only Natural Resource That Matters

The most important economic effect of population growth is the contribution of additional people to our stock of knowledge. This contribution is more than large enough to overcome the costs of population growth. The problem is not too many people, but lack of political and economic freedom. Profit is the only route to sustainability, it is up to entrepreneurs to save the world.

Green Fanatics Would Ban Airplane Travel. Entrepreneurs Will Innovate To Make Air Travel More Efficient And More Comfortable. Who Helps People More?

The phenomenal performance of innovation through businesses has not only been present in the transportation market but also in everything from faster internet to new varieties of beer, new medicines, and better delivery services. All of these things have been incentivized through the profit motive and made possible through the investment of part of that profit into R&D.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: "How Far That Little Candle Throws 'Her' Beams! So Shines a Good Deed In a Weary World."

Our graduates have a sort of wisdom that is really rare in today’s culture. They have learned how to write clearly and eloquently. They have drawn inspiration from countless, beautiful works of literature. They have learned things in science where they can look at the world and see order and intelligibility. We don't talk about college.

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