How 100% Economics Points You To The Life Well-Lived.

Self-resourcing means examining what you know, who you know and what’s at your disposal to utilize in value creation: what knowledge, which relationships, which assets that you own, including your own thinking processes as well as productive resources like computers, phones, and software. We’ve all got immense resources at our disposal. There’s a supercomputer in every pocket, and a super idea in every mind.
PJW Spotlight

Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Titan Among The Enlightenment's Giants.

Benjamin Franklin was an inspiration to every strata of society. In the 18th century, it was commonly believed that aristocrats and commoners would live and die as such, but Franklin worked to erase this distinction. He was a commoner who became a wealthy self-made man, who lived a life or reason, purpose, and pride, and fought for all Americans, including the children of slaves, to be able to do the same.

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