Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: A Former Slave's Determination to Transcend Politics with Philosophy and Economics in the Jim Crow South

Booker T. Washington was an advisor to Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Taft, his autobiography, Up From Slavery, was a national bestseller, his Tuskegee University producers scientists such as George Washington Carver, and with Andrew Carnegie, he founded America's first national business network. However is story is largely unknown as its been ignored by progressive public education establishment because Booker was a champion of individualism.

The More Billionaires We Have, The Better Off We All Are.

The whine about the wealth of the billionaire class “impoverishing millions of blue collar workers” is a total falsehood. If the common man were impoverished by the billionaires, there would be no billionaires. The shares of Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook would be in freefall to reflect the rising impoverishment of their customers and users. The common man is not only not impoverished, but is actually doing very well.

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