When Equal Access Means Zero Access for All

Last Summer, UC Berkeley was forced to remove over 20,000 lectures, videos, and other digital documents from its free online library. While the prestigious school had been generous in making its electronic resources available to the public, a violation of the Americans with Disability Act has left the University with no other choice but to remove the online archive in its entirety.

Wikipedia and Hayekian Philosophy: The Knowledge Problem

Wikipedia has become a staple in each of our lives. No matter what information we may be in search of, Wikipedia either provides what we are looking for or offers a great launching off point to further research. And while most of us routinely use the site to aid us on our quest for knowledge, few know that the site was born out of a deep respect for the work of economist, F.A. Hayek. 

Cuba's Lost Generation

Old Havana is rich in the history of the Cuba, and distant reminders of its former sense of life. Light is finally shining on the creative and resilient people of Cuba who have spent the last 60 years faking loyalty to their socialist masters. Cuba's Lost Generation are now in their 50s, ready to show the world their resilience as did Hemingway's Lost Generation of 100 years ago.

About The Center For Individualism

The Center for Individualism exists to revive individualism in America. We seek to be a catalyst for cultural change and a hub for all who aspire to live a self-reliant life. We produce content, curate resources, provide services, and facilitate relationships that empower people to achieve their personal and economic ambitions. Our purpose is to support individuals in building a better life for themselves – and in so doing, to build a better society for all.

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