To Relive We The Living Is To Choose The Benevolent Universe Premise Of Our Childhood.

Class consciousness is fealty to your political identity group, Communism is the negation of human volition, and the bourgeois exploiters are the manufacturers and merchants who produce every material need and desire for human prosperity. But when a culture's dominant philosophy becomes malevolent, and motivated by envy and fear, force replaces reason and trade is conducted by blood instead of money.

In Pursuit Of Foreign Dollars, Major Corporations Urge American Sports Leagues To Endorse BLM.

There are some good people who have sincere religious faith who recognize Marxism is hostile to religion and religious freedom. There are some good people who believe strong nuclear families are the best weapon against the negative impact of racism. There are some good people who believe it’s unwise to turn the national anthem into the national polarization.

Who is Kira Argounova? There's No Time Like the Present to Find Out.

Who is Kira Argounova? is an essential question no one has ever asked you, until now. As the lead character in Ayn Rand's 1936 novel We the Living, her story is more relevant than ever. Set in 1920's Soviet Russia, the circumstances of her life and culture are rearing their ugly head a century later in America. To learn more about Kira's life premise and America's degeneration, we have created the We the Living Study Group on Facebook for our readers.

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