Who is Kira Argounova? There's No Time Like the Present to Find Out.

Who is Kira Argounova? is an essential question no one has ever asked you, until now. As the lead character in Ayn Rand's 1936 novel We the Living, her story is more relevant than ever. Set in 1920's Soviet Russia, the circumstances of her life and culture are rearing their ugly head a century later in America. To learn more about Kira's life premise and America's degeneration, we have created the We the Living Study Group on Facebook for our readers.

Government Spending Creates "Zombie Congestion", Impeding The Betterment That Comes With Entrepreneurial Capitalism.

Over the last 20 years, the falling default rate has also closely mirrored the slowdown in U.S. productivity, which is not surprising. Keeping profitless companies alive naturally retards productivity. A 2017 OECD study found that “zombie congestion” in any industry lowers the productivity of rival companies—and blocks the entry of new companies—by making it difficult to attract capital.

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