The Consent Of The Governed, And Other Fictions.

Presidents perennially echo the Declaration of Independence's appeal to “the consent of the governed.” The primary proof that Americans are not oppressed is that citizens cast more votes for one of the candidates who finagled his name onto the ballot. A politician can say or do almost anything to snare votes; after Election Day, citizens can do almost nothing to restrain winning politicians.

Appalled By Politicians' Pretensions? Inexplicably Blinded By Political Lies? Get Your Magic Spectacles Here.

The economic way of thinking brings into sharp focus a world otherwise invisible! It sees through Pelosi, and Biden, and Cuomo, and Newsom, and other such people, in Washington and in state capitals, who routinely parade in plain view their raw ambition, their delusions of possessing supernatural powers, and their lack of ordinary human decency. 

The Progressivism Of The Future Is Really Just The Socialism Of The Past.

Behind popular promises such as the end of poverty and hunger, healthy lives, equitable education, and gender equality lurks the agenda to impose global socialism. Demands for sustainable consumption and production patterns, and building inclusive societies for sustainable development, are parts of an overriding plan to do away with the market economy and to impose comprehensive state planning.

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