Physical Retail Stores Are Getting Smarter about Competing with Amazon

Healthy competition makes every single one of us better. It allows us to come to terms with our limitations so that we may push ourselves to achieve bigger, better things. And it is precisely this competition that fuels market innovation. But unfortunately, competition is not always preferable for businesses that have been around forever and thus, feel as though they have earned some sort of market tenure.

Why Is the Cost of College Tuition Becoming So Pricey?

Over the last decade, college tuition has risen over 40 percent across the board. With such a drastic increase in tuition, many students have turned to the government to subsidize their education costs. However, with the total amount of American student loan debt now surpassing the total amount of American credit card debt, there can be no denying that there is something seriously wrong with our system of higher education.

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