It's A Sign Of Prosperity That Alexa "Eavesdrops" On Us So That Amazon Can Better Understand And Serve Our Needs.

Life in Cuba is endless waits for seemingly everything, including basic items like spark plugs, car door latches and….sinks. The antiquated cars that populate the island are in such desperate shape that cabdrivers instruct passengers to very gingerly close their doors. Something as simple to fix (in the United States) as an inoperative door can take many months in Cuba.

Half The Economy Is Classified as Highly Regulated. To Unrig The Capitalist System, We Must Get Government Out Of The Way.

Larger firms and organizations and their CEOs are prospering relative to smaller ones. And not just firms like Amazon, Uber, Lyft, and General Motors. Also included are regional hospitals, universities, and the operators of major retail chains. As these larger entities prosper, smaller organizations without lawyers on standby scrap for survival.

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