Rome Was Not Built Overnight, And Neither Was the Entrepreneur:What’s The Ideal Age To Be An Entrepreneur? Let Market Conditions Decide.

Products take time to produce; it takes time to develop a network of customers; it takes time for the entrepreneur to develop awareness, it takes time to find the market error that can be turned into an opportunity, and finally, it takes time for the market to adjust to changes in consumers’ tastes, preferences, and perceptions. Entrepreneurs do not acquire human capital in just one day, nor were economic systems created in one day.

Politicians And Bureaucrats Have Created A Simmering Distrust In Our Institutions. Maybe It's Coming To A Boil.

These lapses didn’t just happen during the 2016 presidential election; there is evidence they have been going on for years, unmitigated. Americans have watched, too, as those within our institutions, who are in a position to hold the guilty parties accountable, have failed to do so even as the evidence poured in and as the weeks, months and years have dragged on.

Economics Is Truth And Light, Beauty And Awe, Hope And Compassion.

The economy is a system in which individuals generate knowledge, communicate it and utilize it in a complex web of interrelationships and interactions among economic actors near and far. It's important for us to appreciate the spontaneous order of the market, which arises through independent but interrelated decision-making.

The Many Ways in Which Freedom Won the Election.

We can take comfort in the realization that court packing, the Green New Deal, and other radically statist items on the Biden-Harris-Sanders agenda are, at least for now, off the table. Indeed, we should also celebrate the fact that there is now unlikely to be a repeal of Trump’s corporate tax cut. Democrats are now quite unhappy at this unexpected failure of their dreams to materialize.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: President Donald J. Trump Invokes the Poetic Justice Warrior Society Manifesto at Mount Rushmore

The radical ideology attacking our country advances under the banner of social justice. But in truth, it would demolish both justice and society. It would transform justice into an instrument of division and vengeance, and it would turn our free and inclusive society into a place of repression, domination and exclusion. They want to silence us, but we will not be silenced.

Let's Secede!

Thanks to relentless growth in federal power over American states and American communities, this issue is unlikely to go away. It appears that Americans are increasingly fearful that national majorities and national political institutions can be used to attack the culture, legal rights, and lifestyles of those who might find themselves as part of a national majority. Secession increasingly beckons as an option.

Economics Aims At Harmony, Government At Disharmony.

Continually leveraging government power into ever-more areas where people’s views differ dramatically increases how frequently some people’s preferences are forced on others. That guarantees acrimony, not harmony. And the COVID-19 crisis, with a major recession triggered by what amounts to government prohibition of production and exchange in vast areas of the economy, has only supercharged the disharmony.

The Consent Of The Governed, And Other Fictions.

Presidents perennially echo the Declaration of Independence's appeal to “the consent of the governed.” The primary proof that Americans are not oppressed is that citizens cast more votes for one of the candidates who finagled his name onto the ballot. A politician can say or do almost anything to snare votes; after Election Day, citizens can do almost nothing to restrain winning politicians.

Entrepreneurship Is An Epic Calling.

Entrepreneurs are the drivers of the free market economy that raises everyone’s potential and attainment. They are the pillars of a collaborative culture of achievement and accomplishment. They are the creative catalysts of change. Society is better the greater the role and influence of entrepreneurs.

The Progressivism Of The Future Is Really Just The Socialism Of The Past.

Behind popular promises such as the end of poverty and hunger, healthy lives, equitable education, and gender equality lurks the agenda to impose global socialism. Demands for sustainable consumption and production patterns, and building inclusive societies for sustainable development, are parts of an overriding plan to do away with the market economy and to impose comprehensive state planning.

Will Gen Z Make America Socialist?

There is a growing resentment of anything considered “capitalist.” Capitalism is a dirty word these days. Based on an analysis of the coming generation of youth voters, America could be at the start of a shift in public policy. It looks like younger generations could favor policies more common in socialist countries, setting the stage for the start of the new decade.

Big Government Rules, Big Business Kowtows.

If you were a businessman at the head of a great corporation you would think three times before you spoke out on a major issue: about the IRS getting ready to come and audit your accounts; about the Department of Justice standing only too ready to launch an antitrust suit against you; and about the FTC attacking your advertising; and the FDA attacking the products you produce. You are not free to speak if you are in that position.

Why Are Politicians Wrong About COVID Policies? Because They Use The Wrong Kind Of Thinking.

How can the devastation still be running so rampant — and have segued, unchecked, from deadly disease to economic disaster? Our diagnosis, not as medical experts but as students of leadership, is that many leaders stumbled in the fundamental step of determining the nature of the challenge they faced and identifying the different kinds of thinking that had to be brought to bear on it at different points.

Right Now Is A Great Time To Start A Business.

While many existing businesses have been forced to shut down, optimistic newcomers push ahead, in part out of a joy in being their own boss. The pandemic has produced a supercharged version of “creative destruction,” the theory that a good economy thrives when older businesses lose their way and innovative ones spot an opening.

Fear The New Ideology: Lockdownism.

Lockdownism's vision of hell is a society in which pathogens run freely. Its heaven is a society managed entirely by medical technocrats whose main job is the suppression of all disease. The mental focus is the viruses and other bugs. The anthropology is to regard all human beings as little more than sacks of deadly pathogens.

There Is No Coronavirus Pandemic.

As of this moment, according to the World Life Expectancy tables, total deaths have reached over 44 mm out of a total population of 7.734 bn people. Extrapolating out for this year, total deaths worldwide will be approximately 58.7 million. Average deaths per year worldwide currently average close to 60 million deaths per year, so this year is certainly not abnormal.

California’s Destruction Can Be Summed Up In The Hypocrisies And Paradoxes Of Its Bankrupt Elite.

How long can a state suffer the rich Bourbons of the Bay Area? As long as its brave nobodies still drive ’dozers right into conflagrations to create lifesaving fire breaks, as long as unheralded pilots fly blind into smoke to drop fire retardant, and as long as there is something left for the parasitical elite of the rich inheritance from California’s brilliant and industrious but now long-dead past.

Meet The Visionary Doctor Audacious Enough To Propose A Free Market In Healthcare.

I am now more optimistic than ever that I’ll see it in my career where the people in this country reject the government’s handling of this industry, selling and auctioning all of these factors to the cronies who have ponied up in Washington and we will see a true market emerge and a real rebirth of the great tradition of medicine that for which the United States has been known for quite some time.

The Noble Lie: Government Is Good.

The Plato/Socrates version may well have been satirical; the notion of the “Noble Lie” may have been a kind of goof on the idea of self-important leaders. But the modern Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren "social justice" version is decidedly unironic, and therefore more dangerous by far.

Say's Law Of Markets Writes The Code Of Moral Justice For We The Living.

The death premise of Marxism - life is chaos and people are impotent. They demand submission to the collective. Last week in 2020 America, you were exposed to their chaos in Kenosha WI and Portland OR, and the impotence of police departments who were ordered to stand down in submission to the cancel culture of today's organized, violent, Marxist mobs.

Consensus Is An Outmoded Top-Down Concept. Social Media Enables Spontaneous Order To Emerge From The Competition Of Ideas.

We think of social media with its inescapable cacophony as a force dividing us. But the problem is our assumption that “united” means “doing and thinking the same thing.” Ironically, exactly this networked technology enables us to think and do different things while remaining connected rather than isolated, and therefore, be greater than the sum of our parts.

Due To Their Systematic Decision-Making Failure, Politicians Are Never To Be Trusted With Taxpayer Money.

No matter what kind of crisis hits, government officials only have a few tools in their toolbox. These tools are spending money, printing money, bailing out companies, restricting freedom, and otherwise expanding government’s powers. These are the “tools” used during pandemics, recessions great or modest, after terrorist attacks, and in the wake of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

Blockchain Can Be An Anti-Corruption Tool, Even In A Deeply Corrupt Government System Like Ours.

Misconduct and financial corruption have always been a headache for central governments around the world. Can technology deal with this deep-rooted challenge? According to the 2019 OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum, the development of innovative technologies like blockchain provides state-of-the-art opportunities to reduce corruption in public administration.

Economics For Individuals:Let’s Talk Time Preference, Democracy And The Decline Through Which We Are Currently Living.

This trend of decivilization is inevitable in a democracy. When unproductive people, such as politicians and government employees, can aspire to powerful roles in a government that has a legitimate monopoly on the transference of income and wealth to reward and reinforce non-productivity, they will seize the opportunity it represents and exploit it to the fullest.

Weekend Long Read:Great Innovations Come From The Urgent Problems Of War And Depressions. Which Could Be The Good News About 2020.

All we know is that the most important changes of the last 100 years have taken place during upheavals. And we’re currently in the biggest upheaval of the last 100 years. We know that an irony of technology is that economies often make their greatest leaps forward when the outlook is bleakest. It might be one of the only silver linings of 2020.

Technological Deflation Is A New Economic Phenomenon That Can Pay For Basic Income While Eliminating Income Taxes.

In 1992, rapidly deflating technologies made up about 0.5% of world GDP, 1% in 2004 and it stands today at 2%. Consider how many consumer electronics devices have been stuffed into that rapidly deflating iPhone. With self-driving cars, 3D printers and AI just over the horizon, more and more of the economy is going to become subject to rapid technological deflation.

Leo's Edge of Night and Andrei's Secret Storm Galvanize Kira's Search for Tomorrow

Kira's focus is on what she can control, especially her ambitions, and for the singular reason that she wants it. She has no interest in those who want little more than to avoid death. As the master of her future, and being a naive, idealistic 18 year old girl, her attention is drawn to young men who have not surrendered to their circumstances, whatever that may mean.

Will John Tamny's New Book Start the Anti-Lockdown Movement?

Tamny understands economics with an intuitive and uncanny contrarian eye. He points out: “If the virus had been lethal, the lockdowns would have made even less sense…The biggest enemy of life is poverty. Let’s never again fight disease with the taking of freedom and wealth so essential to knowledge, prosperity, and by extension life itself.”

Reliving We the Living Teaches Living Is Not the Avoidance of Death.

The first banner read: Comrades! We Are the Builders of a New Life! The other banner read: Lice Spread Disease! Citizens, Unite on the Anti-Typhus Front! The comparative irony Rand presents with these is stunning - to be a comrade is to be lice, citizens are builders where building is forbidden, and life is defined as avoiding death.

To Relive We The Living Is To Choose The Benevolent Universe Premise Of Our Childhood.

Class consciousness is fealty to your political identity group, Communism is the negation of human volition, and the bourgeois exploiters are the manufacturers and merchants who produce every material need and desire for human prosperity. But when a culture's dominant philosophy becomes malevolent, and motivated by envy and fear, force replaces reason and trade is conducted by blood instead of money.

Who is Kira Argounova? There's No Time Like the Present to Find Out.

Who is Kira Argounova? is an essential question no one has ever asked you, until now. As the lead character in Ayn Rand's 1936 novel We the Living, her story is more relevant than ever. Set in 1920's Soviet Russia, the circumstances of her life and culture are rearing their ugly head a century later in America. To learn more about Kira's life premise and America's degeneration, we have created the We the Living Study Group on Facebook for our readers.

Government Spending Creates "Zombie Congestion", Impeding The Betterment That Comes With Entrepreneurial Capitalism.

Over the last 20 years, the falling default rate has also closely mirrored the slowdown in U.S. productivity, which is not surprising. Keeping profitless companies alive naturally retards productivity. A 2017 OECD study found that “zombie congestion” in any industry lowers the productivity of rival companies—and blocks the entry of new companies—by making it difficult to attract capital.

Reliving We the Living - An Invitation to Live and Grow Together

Please reply to the link below if you would like an invitation to join the We the Living Study Group on Facebook, obtain a copy of the novel, and commit to reading it. The time frame is August through October - 13 weeks and about 3 chapters each week. We will consider the virtues, vices, and motivations of each character, and the ethical and political context of their actions.

Senseless And Counterproductive: Inspirational Latino Entrepreneur "Cancelled" By AOC And The Twitter Left.

It’s easy to point out how senseless and counterproductive this boycott is. Founded in 1936 by Mr. Unanue’s Spanish immigrant grandparents, the company is a living example of the American Dream. Mr. Unanue hopes his company’s story will inspire other Latino entrepreneurs. He was praised by Michelle Obama for Goya’s big role in her healthy-food initiative. None of it matters to AOC and her comrades.

A Central Issue For Our Times: Education For Children, Not Unions.

Sowell points out that for charter schools to succeed, they must please parents by educating students. Charters do not offer tenure to teachers, and therefore leaders and parents can demand high levels of performance from every teacher. Correct incentives enable charters to succeed, with teachers accountable to the parents and the school. Public schools have perverse incentives: parents often have no choice.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Facing A Mindless Assault on Capitalism, George Reisman Defends the Mother of All Poetic Justice

Scientific analysis shows that while each individual is always economically best off earning as much money as the freedom of competition allows him to earn, people are not better off when earnings increase as the result of government policies of creating money. Absent government money creation, lower GDP signifies increased wealth and human well-being.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Mel Brooks Found The Independent Virtues for Peaceful Human Progress in Comic Heroes

Brook's transcendence is proven with the first of these movies, The Producers (1967), which was re-created into a hit Broadway musical run nearly 40 years later. For Brooks, absurdity is an art form to be molded into a weapon against the endless absurdities of collectivism, particularly its most vile form, bigotry, whose politically correct version thrives today.

Francisco d'Anconia Combined the Virtues of Clark Gable and the Vices of Rhett Butler

Like Clark Gable did everything he could to preserve Carole Lombard's sense of life and spirit after her passing, Francisco d'Anconia did the same for Dagny during her lifetime. To save her from her only sin, the acceptance of unearned guilt, he sacrificed two very high values for a higher value - help her find out for herself, as he did, that she was paying white blackmail. 

Have We Reached A Revolutionary Situation? When The Intelligentsia Can't Bring Itself To Condemn Violence, Yes.

Gary Saul Morson says he has no special insight regarding police actions and the death of George Floyd. But he does have a provocative thesis about America’s current political moment: “To me it’s astonishingly like late 19th-, early 20th-century Russia, when basically the entire educated class felt you simply had to be against the regime or some sort of revolutionary.”
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Modern Poetic Justice Warrior Donald Boudreaux's Reason Versus the ESG Investing's Intimidation

In the face of this insanity, Boudreaux is never at a loss for words. As a principled advocate for the genius of free markets, he liberally borrows the classic ideas of the best minds in the freedom movement for his indispensable blog, Cafe Hayek. Here he quotes AIER columnist Max Gulker on the importance of market forces in solving the Wuhan virus supply-side disaster,
Life is Good with Individual Economics

Individual Economics Shows Each One Of Us The Pathway To The Good Life.

Every individual plays two economic roles, as consumer and producer. In these roles, every individual is involved in transactions or exchanges. What individual economics has discovered is that, for an exchange to take place, each party to it must feel that they are benefitting. An exchange is mutually beneficial. Economics is never about exploitation, and always about shared betterment.

Love The Lockdown? It's Only Possible Because Of The Advances Of Capitalism And The Wealthy Investors Who Fund Technology.

Work from anywhere at any time would similarly have been a challenge. Not only was internet service much slower twenty years ago, not only was so much dial-up, most if not all online connections involved a cord. No moving around the apartment or house to work from anywhere. Assuming you had home internet, it was going to be utilized from a specific location.

What Have We Learned?

Forecasting is a delicate balance of probabilities. But people want certainty, especially when the stakes are high. The people who make forecasting models probably have less faith in their accuracy than those who read them, if only because things like confidence intervals are rarely discussed in the media.

There's a COVID-19 War On The Human Right To Work — Led Largely By Smug Intellectuals, Billionaires, And Politicians.

Some especially out-of-touch pro-shutdown "COVID Warriors" rationalize it all by insisting that these prohibitions on earning a living are, as Dr. Anthony Fauci claims, mere inconveniences. It's easy to see why someone like Fauci might think this way. His government salary is $400,000 dollars, and there is little risk he'll be missing any mortgage payments any time soon. 

Progressives Think They Have The Catastrophic Event They Were Hoping For To Destroy Free Market Capitalism.

Historian Sean Wilentz made clear the thinking of those who wear the label “progressive". They harbor the hope that one day, perhaps through some catastrophic event, American capitalism will indeed be replaced by socialism – a discredited system of public property and social ownership. For many, if not all, progressives, that “catastrophic event” is happening right now.

Bring Back Laissez Faire Capitalism.

What we need is the laissez-faire spirit of the California Gold Rush to revive risk-taking, investment and as many individual opportunities as possible. The goal should be to clear all identifiable impediments to the restoration of old jobs and the creation of new jobs that didn’t exist two months ago.

Entrepreneurs Are Always Going To Outsmart Government Bureaucrats And Regulators, And So Innovation And Growth Are Assured.

Because of entrepreneurs, the resources that we need in order to live, and innovate with, will become increasingly plentiful at costs that increasingly drop. No doubt growth would be greater minus all the government waste, but politicians exist to spend. Entrepreneurs will endure them, all the while accessing the resources necessary to innovate around them. 
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: A World of Ideas, Principles, and Action Define Modern Poetic Justice Warrior Mark Skousen.

Gross Output proves that business supply chain spending is double that of consumer spending, not the other way around. The reason why GDP and CPI dominate Fed policy, academic research, and financial media is because consumers vote, politicians pander, and influence peddling pays well. In soft money, of course. The flip side is that private sector production pays for everything.

In This Lockdown, The Left Openly Favors More Dependency Over A Return To Work.

The left could have chosen to be the political side that would rigorously interrogate whether governments have a reasonable base of evidence on which to halt entire economies, and that would demand lighter and shorter interventions. Instead, the virus disaster has crystallized the divide that has opened between blue-collar and lower-paid workers on one side and urban progressives on the other.

It's Now Clear That China Is No Partner To The United States. A Difficult, But Necessary, Separation Lies Ahead.

By striving to “flatten” the world into a single, borderless entity in pursuit of nothing but profit and prosperity, this worldview has created huge blind spots. It failed to predict that China would build on its early advantage in sheer numbers of low-skilled workers to lock in a dominant and increasingly powerful position for itself.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Temple Grandin is the Modern Poetic Justice Warrior Who Thinks in Pictures and Lives Her Dreams

Grandin's breakthrough, not considered possible for people living with autism at the time, was her successful integration of scientific inquiry, animal husbandry, and object-visual thinking into a highly productive career. This is the essence of the economic way, and active minds, "The thing about being autistic is that you gradually get less autistic, you keep learning, you keep learning how to behave."What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.

Why Ayn Rand Laughs - The Audacity of Dopes, the Impostor Syndrome, and Super Tuesday

The clinical term, “Impostor Syndrome,” may be confusing. Technically, it describes accomplished people who think of themselves as frauds. But there are many more among us who are the real frauds, and we all know what that personality looks like. They have accomplished nothing, yet have the audacity to force themselves on society as experts and visionaries with nothing more than monetary dope.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Poetic Justice Warrior Coach Herb Brooks Played Chess at Lake Placid to Beat the Soviets at Hockey

To catch up with Russian skating grace and power, he hired a figure skating coach. Instead of defending the Russian offensive system, he selected players who instinctively attack. For his players to forget college animosities, Brooks got them to hate him instead. To sacrifice themselves for team glory, he appealed to their individualist spirits.
Why Ayn Rand Laughs Cover Photo

Why Ayn Rand Laughs - A Survey of Her Ideas for Human Life on Planet Earth

"Roark is laughing at his dismissal from architecture school." Like Kira's character, he also laughing "because to him these obstacles seem small and inconsequential relative to his prospects for achievement and joy." Our country was based on a man's right to the pursuit of happiness. His own happiness. Not anyone else's. A private, personal, selfish motive.

Why Ayn Rand Laughs — The Las Vegas Democratic Socialism Debate

Democratic socialism is a popular topic in 2018 America, and the Nordic model is frequently hailed as the real-life success story to emulate. Convincing Swedes, Danes, Finns, and Norwegians of that is another story. The real Scandinavian economic success story is brilliant. It occurred in the years 1850-1950, and it was spearheaded by a Renaissance man by the name of Anders Chydenius in 1763.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Voltaire's Independent Mind Revolutionized the Accepted Policies on How to Create a Harmonious Society

Even in his final days, Voltaire relished civilization in every form. In 1778, one month prior to his death, Voltaire embraced Benjamin Franklin. Here two of history's great bon vivants, one of the Old World, one of the New, one a patriarch of Europe, one a republican from America. Voltaire, who had spanned the age of classicism right up to the revolutionary era, was the most famous man of letters in all of Europe.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Poetic Justice Warrior John Bogle Mines Economic Value in Markets and Reputational Value in Minds

As a unit of account, money is why the price mechanism is essential to efficient markets. As a medium of exchange, its how the most people are able to experience and voluntarily share their pursuit of happiness. As a store of value, John Bogle saw a marvelous opportunity for value creation - exploit the price mechanism of efficient capital markets for the benefit of small investors.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Unlocking the Secrets of the Captive Mind - Poland's Poet Laureate Czeslaw Milosz

Milosz discovered Ketman in Islamic theology. Also known as taqiyya, it is the practice of concealment and deception in order to preserve one's faith. For the intellectuals and bourgeoise in Milosz' Soviet occupied Poland after World War II, it was a matter of life and death. As the iron curtain of Communism's hopelessness fell in post war Poland, Ketman became necessary.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Standard Bearer For The Spirit of American Conservatism And Ideas Of Civilization - Gertrude Himmelfarb

Working class families readily put these values into practice and improved their lives and their communities. The evidence is overwhelming - quality of life rose, fertility rates and population increased, illegitimacy and crime rates fell, and sanitation and health care systems improved. Coincidental to this was the emergence of an impressive network of privately organized social safety nets for people who were unable help themselves.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Inspiring Teacher and Leader With The Incredible Power to Heal Broken Spirits - Marva Collins

The fourth grade students interviewed in the original 1979 60 Minutes feature were asked who their favorite authors were. Some of the answers were Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Chaucer, or Kipling. One learning method was Socratic dialogue, and years later Collins explained that since they're great at memorizing rap lyrics, Plato becomes easy. Many went on to wonderful careers in law, medicine, business, and education.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Rose Wilder Lane Blesses The Thanksgiving Season With The Ultimate Purpose For Celebration - Freedom.

In one century, human energy has created an entirely dynamic world, constantly changing under the drive of terrific, incalculable energy. What explains this? What explains the effectiveness of any kind of energy ? Nothing but the existence of conditions which permit that energy to operate naturally. Only the protection of men's rights can keep their natural freedom operating on this earth.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Poetic Justice Warrior Who Eternalized the Great Terror Behind the Berlin Wall - Anna Akhmatova

For many people in the United States, the fall of the Berlin Wall was a ho-hum events. For America's intelligentsia and their ignorati, Reagan was still a doofus B movie actor and socialism was the dominant philosophy of America's national media and universities. Josef Stalin's Great Terror was not taught in schools, and neither was Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Literary Poetic Justice Warrior Fighting Hollywood's Progressive Bigotry on Broadway - Atticus Finch

Harper Lee's masterpiece was an enlightening study of human nature. Her characterization of Finch illustrated the classical liberal values of self-reliance, compassion, tolerance, justice, and most of all, the essential role of a loving, dedicated father in the life of a child. Yet, there were very few examples of fatherly affection or life lessons in the play - the children were played by young adults.

Two Bernies. One Creates Value and Jobs and Improves Lives. The Other Destroys.

Home Depot currently employs more than 400,000. Since its inception, it has created millions of jobs. Home Depot also provided health care insurance for millions of families whose husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers have worked for the company. Home Depot's vendors, many of them small businesses that have increased in value, have also created jobs as they have grown along with the chain.

Economic Freedom Generates Entrepreneurial Dynamism And Economic Growth. But Calls For Economic Security Are Socialistic.

The most important thing to understand about these policy prescriptions is that one’s economic security or general well-being has absolutely nothing to do with one’s “freedom,” and it never has. A government benefactor, in the form of a redistributive government politburo, is not some great advancement of individual “freedom.” 
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Modern Poetic Justice Warrior Who Proved Hydrocarbon Oxidation Cleans Humanity's Environment - Alex Epstein

The use of fossil fuels in our modern era coincides with a massive increase in life expectancy and population, cleaner water and air, and increasing oil, natural gas, and food production. The dirty environment of food bacteria, poisonous plants, and rodent infestation have largely been solved. This frees time to be more productive and enjoy recreation, family, education, travel and the arts.

American Patriotism Is About The Moral Values Of Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness - And Well Worth Fighting For.

American history has vindicated the Founders’ faith that all human beings share the same basic desire for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This universalism makes it a challenge to draw the circle of mutual loyalty among citizens in the way that most nations do. Americans are loyal to the morality and values of the Declaration Of Independence, not to common ancestors or geography.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Modern Poetic Justice Warrior On A Quest For The Soul Of America's Universities - Heather Mac Donald.

The fallacies of the diversity movement that permeate all of college life is stunning, and the fees they charge for this crime are obscene. College should be a glorious opportunity for learning and inspiriation. In fact, we live in the most open and tolerant society for self-creation the world has ever known. Yet, the academic obsession with identity is ironic, since its deconstruction roots lie in a philosophy that denied the very existence of the self.

In America, Britain And Israel, Elites' Power Struggles Eliminate Even The Pretense Of Government Doing Anything Useful For Citizens.

Big Brother has for decades been systematically wiping out competing forces in all three countries, hollowing out institutions that previously ordered society — family, religion, cultural cohesiveness. Everywhere, the family is in crisis. Marriage rates are at record lows as government programs systematically undermine the institution.

Like Most Things In Government, Anti-Trust Policy Is Terribly Misguided.

Ultimately, strategic mergers ensure that companies can compete in rapidly changing markets both domestically and abroad. The Trump administration is constantly looking for ways to even the playing field against China. Allowing companies to take advantage of natural synergies in order to streamline costs and make them more competitive is an underutilized tool that the administration should employ more often.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Henry Hazlitt - The Economic Conscience of Everything Western Civilization Has Achieved.

Hazlitt's greatest asset was a highly trained mind, one that he developed on his own. He summarized his work as "I’ve been preaching liberty as against coercion; I’ve been preaching capitalism as against socialism; and I’ve been preaching this doctrine in every form and with any excuse," and his fellow freedom fighters are some of the most prolific thinkers, authors, economists and activists of the 20th century.

Here’s How To Organize The Revolution.

The protesters have now organized into self-directed teams ranging from a handful to a couple of dozen youths. Chris said he forged links with a representative of one of these teams and basically adopted them. From there he met others. He provides them money to buy protective gear, food and other things they need. Of all the methods of support, the school bus brings the older generation of supporters into closest proximity with the young protesters.