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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Temple Grandin is the Modern Poetic Justice Warrior Who Thinks in Pictures and Lives Her Dreams

Grandin's breakthrough, not considered possible for people living with autism at the time, was her successful integration of scientific inquiry, animal husbandry, and object-visual thinking into a highly productive career. This is the essence of the economic way, and active minds, "The thing about being autistic is that you gradually get less autistic, you keep learning, you keep learning how to behave."What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.

Why Ayn Rand Laughs - The Audacity of Dopes, the Impostor Syndrome, and Super Tuesday

The clinical term, “Impostor Syndrome,” may be confusing. Technically, it describes accomplished people who think of themselves as frauds. But there are many more among us who are the real frauds, and we all know what that personality looks like. They have accomplished nothing, yet have the audacity to force themselves on society as experts and visionaries with nothing more than monetary dope.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Poetic Justice Warrior Coach Herb Brooks Played Chess at Lake Placid to Beat the Soviets at Hockey

To catch up with Russian skating grace and power, he hired a figure skating coach. Instead of defending the Russian offensive system, he selected players who instinctively attack. For his players to forget college animosities, Brooks got them to hate him instead. To sacrifice themselves for team glory, he appealed to their individualist spirits.
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Why Ayn Rand Laughs - A Survey of Her Ideas for Human Life on Planet Earth

"Roark is laughing at his dismissal from architecture school." Like Kira's character, he also laughing "because to him these obstacles seem small and inconsequential relative to his prospects for achievement and joy." Our country was based on a man's right to the pursuit of happiness. His own happiness. Not anyone else's. A private, personal, selfish motive.

Why Ayn Rand Laughs — The Las Vegas Democratic Socialism Debate

Democratic socialism is a popular topic in 2018 America, and the Nordic model is frequently hailed as the real-life success story to emulate. Convincing Swedes, Danes, Finns, and Norwegians of that is another story. The real Scandinavian economic success story is brilliant. It occurred in the years 1850-1950, and it was spearheaded by a Renaissance man by the name of Anders Chydenius in 1763.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Voltaire's Independent Mind Revolutionized the Accepted Policies on How to Create a Harmonious Society

Even in his final days, Voltaire relished civilization in every form. In 1778, one month prior to his death, Voltaire embraced Benjamin Franklin. Here two of history's great bon vivants, one of the Old World, one of the New, one a patriarch of Europe, one a republican from America. Voltaire, who had spanned the age of classicism right up to the revolutionary era, was the most famous man of letters in all of Europe.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Poetic Justice Warrior John Bogle Mines Economic Value in Markets and Reputational Value in Minds

As a unit of account, money is why the price mechanism is essential to efficient markets. As a medium of exchange, its how the most people are able to experience and voluntarily share their pursuit of happiness. As a store of value, John Bogle saw a marvelous opportunity for value creation - exploit the price mechanism of efficient capital markets for the benefit of small investors.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Unlocking the Secrets of the Captive Mind - Poland's Poet Laureate Czeslaw Milosz

Milosz discovered Ketman in Islamic theology. Also known as taqiyya, it is the practice of concealment and deception in order to preserve one's faith. For the intellectuals and bourgeoise in Milosz' Soviet occupied Poland after World War II, it was a matter of life and death. As the iron curtain of Communism's hopelessness fell in post war Poland, Ketman became necessary.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Standard Bearer For The Spirit of American Conservatism And Ideas Of Civilization - Gertrude Himmelfarb

Working class families readily put these values into practice and improved their lives and their communities. The evidence is overwhelming - quality of life rose, fertility rates and population increased, illegitimacy and crime rates fell, and sanitation and health care systems improved. Coincidental to this was the emergence of an impressive network of privately organized social safety nets for people who were unable help themselves.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Inspiring Teacher and Leader With The Incredible Power to Heal Broken Spirits - Marva Collins

The fourth grade students interviewed in the original 1979 60 Minutes feature were asked who their favorite authors were. Some of the answers were Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Chaucer, or Kipling. One learning method was Socratic dialogue, and years later Collins explained that since they're great at memorizing rap lyrics, Plato becomes easy. Many went on to wonderful careers in law, medicine, business, and education.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Poetic Justice Warrior William Bradford Discovers the Source of Thanksgiving's Abundance - Free Enterprise

William Bradford's epiphany was the triumph of capitalism over collectivism, and it completes the chain reaction - freedom, responsibility, self government, capitalism, abundance, and enjoyment. Tomorrow is the day for Americans of all nationalities to enjoy the people they value, take pleasure in the banquet afforded by their enterprise, and be grateful for humanity's newly discovered lives of reason, purpose, and pride.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Rose Wilder Lane Blesses The Thanksgiving Season With The Ultimate Purpose For Celebration - Freedom.

In one century, human energy has created an entirely dynamic world, constantly changing under the drive of terrific, incalculable energy. What explains this? What explains the effectiveness of any kind of energy ? Nothing but the existence of conditions which permit that energy to operate naturally. Only the protection of men's rights can keep their natural freedom operating on this earth.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Poetic Justice Warrior Who Eternalized the Great Terror Behind the Berlin Wall - Anna Akhmatova

For many people in the United States, the fall of the Berlin Wall was a ho-hum events. For America's intelligentsia and their ignorati, Reagan was still a doofus B movie actor and socialism was the dominant philosophy of America's national media and universities. Josef Stalin's Great Terror was not taught in schools, and neither was Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Literary Poetic Justice Warrior Fighting Hollywood's Progressive Bigotry on Broadway - Atticus Finch

Harper Lee's masterpiece was an enlightening study of human nature. Her characterization of Finch illustrated the classical liberal values of self-reliance, compassion, tolerance, justice, and most of all, the essential role of a loving, dedicated father in the life of a child. Yet, there were very few examples of fatherly affection or life lessons in the play - the children were played by young adults.

Two Bernies. One Creates Value and Jobs and Improves Lives. The Other Destroys.

Home Depot currently employs more than 400,000. Since its inception, it has created millions of jobs. Home Depot also provided health care insurance for millions of families whose husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers have worked for the company. Home Depot's vendors, many of them small businesses that have increased in value, have also created jobs as they have grown along with the chain.

Economic Freedom Generates Entrepreneurial Dynamism And Economic Growth. But Calls For Economic Security Are Socialistic.

The most important thing to understand about these policy prescriptions is that one’s economic security or general well-being has absolutely nothing to do with one’s “freedom,” and it never has. A government benefactor, in the form of a redistributive government politburo, is not some great advancement of individual “freedom.” 
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Modern Poetic Justice Warrior Who Proved Hydrocarbon Oxidation Cleans Humanity's Environment - Alex Epstein

The use of fossil fuels in our modern era coincides with a massive increase in life expectancy and population, cleaner water and air, and increasing oil, natural gas, and food production. The dirty environment of food bacteria, poisonous plants, and rodent infestation have largely been solved. This frees time to be more productive and enjoy recreation, family, education, travel and the arts.

American Patriotism Is About The Moral Values Of Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness - And Well Worth Fighting For.

American history has vindicated the Founders’ faith that all human beings share the same basic desire for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This universalism makes it a challenge to draw the circle of mutual loyalty among citizens in the way that most nations do. Americans are loyal to the morality and values of the Declaration Of Independence, not to common ancestors or geography.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Modern Poetic Justice Warrior On A Quest For The Soul Of America's Universities - Heather Mac Donald.

The fallacies of the diversity movement that permeate all of college life is stunning, and the fees they charge for this crime are obscene. College should be a glorious opportunity for learning and inspiriation. In fact, we live in the most open and tolerant society for self-creation the world has ever known. Yet, the academic obsession with identity is ironic, since its deconstruction roots lie in a philosophy that denied the very existence of the self.

In America, Britain And Israel, Elites' Power Struggles Eliminate Even The Pretense Of Government Doing Anything Useful For Citizens.

Big Brother has for decades been systematically wiping out competing forces in all three countries, hollowing out institutions that previously ordered society — family, religion, cultural cohesiveness. Everywhere, the family is in crisis. Marriage rates are at record lows as government programs systematically undermine the institution.

Like Most Things In Government, Anti-Trust Policy Is Terribly Misguided.

Ultimately, strategic mergers ensure that companies can compete in rapidly changing markets both domestically and abroad. The Trump administration is constantly looking for ways to even the playing field against China. Allowing companies to take advantage of natural synergies in order to streamline costs and make them more competitive is an underutilized tool that the administration should employ more often.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Henry Hazlitt - The Economic Conscience of Everything Western Civilization Has Achieved.

Hazlitt's greatest asset was a highly trained mind, one that he developed on his own. He summarized his work as "I’ve been preaching liberty as against coercion; I’ve been preaching capitalism as against socialism; and I’ve been preaching this doctrine in every form and with any excuse," and his fellow freedom fighters are some of the most prolific thinkers, authors, economists and activists of the 20th century.

Here’s How To Organize The Revolution.

The protesters have now organized into self-directed teams ranging from a handful to a couple of dozen youths. Chris said he forged links with a representative of one of these teams and basically adopted them. From there he met others. He provides them money to buy protective gear, food and other things they need. Of all the methods of support, the school bus brings the older generation of supporters into closest proximity with the young protesters.

An Entrepreneurial Culture And The Rule Of Law Have Nourished The Nation’s Economic Dynamism.

American prosperity involves “creative destruction": obsolete activities and technologies disappear (the destruction), and capital shifts from old uses to more productive ones (the creation). Government efforts to save or bail out companies that stick with outmoded products, services, or management methods protect the existing order at the expense of innovation, growth, and future jobs.

Pundits Believe In Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: That by Predicting Recession They Can Create One.

The current economic environment—low and declining interest rates, stable prices, modest quarter-to-quarter economic growth, the absence of wars abroad—does not suggest a recession-oriented climate. Recessions typically occur in settings of rapid economic growth and rising interest rates, combined with overly bullish forecasts for stocks and business profits. That’s not the situation today.

The Southern Border Is Not Ellis Island: Why It's Harder For Today's Immigrants To Climb The Economic Ladder.

Postindustrial economies create a far more challenging path to upward mobility than the manufacturing economy of the 1930's. Education is now the most likely route to middle-class comfort and relative stability. The children of low-skilled immigrants, particularly Latinos, are struggling. Instead of climbing the income ladder, they are slipping down.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Ludwig van Beethoven - The First Rock Star and Software Pioneer Who Set the Stage for the Romantic Era

While the printing press was changing the world, printed music was new because it was more difficult to create. Also, mass produced pianos were taking hold, and Beethoven saw the possibilities for being the first software publisher for this new hardware. As first mover to reach mass audiences, Beethoven stumbled across an abstract concept that had not yet been named: capitalism. For the first time in history, large swaths of humanity would soon enjoy the comforts previously reserved for royal court.

Making Money Is A Patriotic Act.

The businesses we created have employed hundreds of thousands of Americans. We have paid tens of billions of dollars in wages and contributed hundreds of billions to U.S. gross domestic product, and made the tens of millions of Americans who use our products and services better off. The Home Depot lowered hardware prices across the country.

It Is Perfectly Possible To Cut Government Spending. Learn How One State In Brazil Moved Into The Black.

Brazil’s fiscal incontinence is legendary. The number of civil servants grew by 60% between 1995 and 2016, to 12m. Since public-sector workers cannot be fired or have their pay cut, they become a permanent expense once hired. Nearly 80% of government spending in Brazil goes on salaries and pensions. “Instead of a state that serves the public, you have a state that serves the state."
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Economics Professor Who Discovered the Only Natural Resource That Matters

The most important economic effect of population growth is the contribution of additional people to our stock of knowledge. This contribution is more than large enough to overcome the costs of population growth. The problem is not too many people, but lack of political and economic freedom. Profit is the only route to sustainability, it is up to entrepreneurs to save the world.

Green Fanatics Would Ban Airplane Travel. Entrepreneurs Will Innovate To Make Air Travel More Efficient And More Comfortable. Who Helps People More?

The phenomenal performance of innovation through businesses has not only been present in the transportation market but also in everything from faster internet to new varieties of beer, new medicines, and better delivery services. All of these things have been incentivized through the profit motive and made possible through the investment of part of that profit into R&D.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Freedom's Radicals Are Wonderful Teachers Who Promote Independent Thinking, Choices and Action.

One comparison to Freedom's Radicals is the illiteracy, mysticism and anarchy of the Dark Ages. In the modern and postmodern eras the comparisons include the human disasters known as the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution and the Cuban Revolution. Freedom's Radicals today are creating disequilibrium in favor of peaceful human progress.

El Salvadorans Migrate To The USA, Become Productive, And Send Dollars Back Home, Disproving Both Keynesian And Monetarist Theories.

Keynesians believe government spending powers growth. No, it’s a consequence of it. Monetarists believe money creation powers economic growth. No, it’s a consequence of it. There are billions of dollars circulating in El Salador because some of the fruits of production that takes place in the U.S. are shifted down to El Salvador.

Central Planning Is Poisonous To Innovation.

Politicians think that somehow, the same government that started a war in Iraq on faulty intelligence, botched the launch of HealthCare.gov, gave us the Solyndra scandal and can keep neither Amtrak nor the Postal Service solvent, can effectively coordinate a strategic vision for American manufacturing.

The Market Is A Vast Network Of People Being Kind To Other People.

Countless minds and countless hands have contributed to the slow march of civilization and helped to create a modern world in which I can perform innumerable operations closed off to previous generations without thinking about them. As Russell Roberts put it, “Love locally, trade globally.” As it gets easier to do the latter, it gets easier to do the former.

How An Absurd Government Environmental Mandate Transfers Cash From General Motors And Fiat Chrysler To Tesla.

Tesla has generated almost $2 billion in revenue from selling regulatory credits since 2010. If manufacturers don’t sell enough non-polluting vehicles, they have to purchase credits from competitors like Tesla to make up the difference. The system is administered at the federal level by the EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Compared To Einstein's Theory Of Relativity, And To Verifiable Scientific Theories In General, Climate Change Theory Is Voodoo.

All the accompanying hoopla surrounding the theory of man-made global warming or climate change in our time fails to meet the criterion of testability, such as Eddington’s expedition put to test Einstein’s theory of general relativity and, hence, the so-called science of man-made global warming might well be described as voodoo-science.

5 Charts Vividly Demonstrate The Economic Divide Between Socialist Venezuela And Free Market Chile

The economic and political deterioration of Venezuela has followed the pattern that Hayek described in 1944. In Chile, in contrast, free markets dispersed economic power amongst millions of Chileans and the military government, which ran the country between 1973 and 1990, gave way to democracy. Today, Chile is both economically and politically free.

It's A Sign Of Prosperity That Alexa "Eavesdrops" On Us So That Amazon Can Better Understand And Serve Our Needs.

Life in Cuba is endless waits for seemingly everything, including basic items like spark plugs, car door latches and….sinks. The antiquated cars that populate the island are in such desperate shape that cabdrivers instruct passengers to very gingerly close their doors. Something as simple to fix (in the United States) as an inoperative door can take many months in Cuba.

Here's How We Cut The Federal Government In Half.

This would leave Federal spending limited to: the military, debt service, retirement benefits for Federal employees, and "everything else." This too could eventually be cut in half over time. At present, these categories constitute 38% of Federal spending, or 7.9% of GDP. This reduced spending commitment could be funded with a much simpler tax system.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: Rational Philosophical Ideas Are The Root of Human Flourishing, Irrational Philosophy The Root Of Misery.

Philosophy is largely unappreciated. This is a shame, everyone has one. For most people, their philosophy is a random collection of slogans that have been acquired from popular culture. It is not grounded in rational core principles. The first tenet of our Manifesto alludes to the philosophical core our Poetic Justice Warriors profess – reason, purpose and pride.

The Real Story Behind the College Admissions Scandal - Skin in the Game

Why would these institutions of "higher learning" admit students who are not prepared, or whose ambitions are poorly served by college matriculation in the first place? It pays, and the way to insure the sustainability of their unearned wealth is to create, out of thin air, degreed programs that cater to the mass market of unprepared high school graduates.

Socialists Can Build An Airplane But They Can't Read And Respond To Market Signals To Keep It Flying.

Today, socialism means projects of unusual government ambition, built on our globally shared capitalist technological and commercial base. The A380 was exactly such a project. Underwritten by massive European government subsidies, the plane was an engineering sensation. Now it’s kaput. What technological and commercial realities would its sponsors have had to overrule to assure its success?

Billionaires Already Gave Their Fair Share.

Those politicians and commentators who push the idea that billionaires need to “give back” or pay their fair share do not understand that there is nothing to “give back” and that the “fair share” has already been contributed to society. A fair exchange took place; value for value, with the capitalist giving a good or service and the consumer reciprocating with a transfer of funds.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Poetic Justice Warrior Society Manifesto

The Poetic Justice Warrior Society exists to promote the innate talents, aspirations, and determination all human beings possess. We honor those who go before us, who inspire us with their work ethic and achievements, and who were essential in creating the lives of comfort and opportunity we enjoy today wherever capitalism is practiced. We focus on the economic way of voluntarily serving others through entrepreneurship, which is the process of converting scientific discovery into mass produced inventions that enrich the lives of everyone.

Why The Market Is The Only Reliable Pollster.

Because opinion polls do not reveal people’s constrained wants, it is illegitimate to use polls to guide government policy-making. But what are elections if not polls? In elections as in polls, no individual’s vote determines policy outcomes. Therefore, voters typically vote with less prudence and shrewdness.

How 100% Economics Points You To The Life Well-Lived.

Self-resourcing means examining what you know, who you know and what’s at your disposal to utilize in value creation: what knowledge, which relationships, which assets that you own, including your own thinking processes as well as productive resources like computers, phones, and software. We’ve all got immense resources at our disposal. There’s a supercomputer in every pocket, and a super idea in every mind.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Titan Among The Enlightenment's Giants.

Benjamin Franklin was an inspiration to every strata of society. In the 18th century, it was commonly believed that aristocrats and commoners would live and die as such, but Franklin worked to erase this distinction. He was a commoner who became a wealthy self-made man, who lived a life or reason, purpose, and pride, and fought for all Americans, including the children of slaves, to be able to do the same.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Uniquely American Self-Made Man

Perhaps no one in American history has a better claim to the title self-made man than the one who escaped from slavery to become one of the America's greatest anti-slavery activists, and an author, lecturer, and diplomat. Frederick Douglass never urged black Americans to enlist out of service to their country. They owed the country nothing. To Douglass, the United States owed black Americans the right to fight.

The World Is Getting Quietly, Relentlessly Better.

If the world is getting so much better, why does everyone seem so miserable? Perhaps because in the U.S., life is improving more slowly than in poorer countries, and in some places it is getting worse. Yet for most Americans, life is getting better: Median incomes are rising, average health is improving, and violent crime, divorce and teen pregnancy are all trending down.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Classical Roman Consul Who Inspired America's Classical Liberal Constitution

After four months of debate and compromise in the 1787 sweltering heat of Independence Hall, Publius published 77 essays in New York City newspapers to sell Americans on the idea of ratifying the new Constitution. It is the most enduring achievement of the Enlightenment, and under its decentralized structure, it has proven itself to be the example for human flourishing throughout the world.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Father of Classical Liberalism Whose Ideas Are Inscribed In Our Souls

John Locke had a precise sense of what political freedom means. Natural law dictates that no one can be legitimately subject to the will of another person or group of people. Through reason, Locke proved that no one is born to serve or rule. Legitimate government protects these rights, and is created by the consent of the governed. As the Enlightenment flowered in the 18th century because of modern science and maritime trade, Locke's sense of natural law was enshrined in America's Declaration of Independence.

The "Green New Deal": Green Socialism Is Still Socialism.

What has been proposed is nothing less than the destruction of the fossil-fuel-based energy industries which have long been the lifeblood of capitalism.  All houses and businesses are to be “upgraded” in terms of their energy use by thousands, or tens of thousands, of government bureaucrats who would presumably go door to door to enforce the state’s energy-use mandates. 
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Dominican Friar Who Introduced the Western World to Western Civilization.

St. Thomas Aquinas combined the classical Greek ideal of reason with the Christian ideal of equality to usher the Catholic Church, and humanity, into the Age of Reason. Metaphorically, he invented water - what we know as the Western ideals of personal liberty, self-reliance, invention, tolerance, and limited government. The ensuing prosperity from human creativity is Poetic Justice.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Diminuitive Russian Emigre Who is America's Greatest Defender

Ayn Rand is one of the most admired and reviled characters in 20th century literature. Her magnum opus novel, Atlas Shrugged was panned by conservatives and progressives alike, yet it had something for everyone. A strong female lead character, a pollution free motor, heroic characters, good and evil, a love story, and a thriller. It was a manifesto for Man's right to life, liberty and property - capitalism. A modern epic tale of America's Declaration of Independence, a prophecy of a dystopian future, and the recipe to avoid what actually happened to her native Russia.

To Invest With Confidence In Turbulent Markets, Ignore The Experts With No Skin In Your Game.

In the wake of recent sell-off in US and global stock markets there is no shortage of economists and financial analysts with opinions about what happened, why it happened, and what's going to happen. None of them have any personal stake in the financial well-being of their audience, and many exist only to add to the confusion. To have confidence as investor, understanding the nature of markets is essential.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Relentless Innovator in Childhood Education Who Inspires Teachers Worldwide

"The most important period of life is from birth to age six." This quote from Maria Montessori underscores how essential it is for a young child to have engaged parents who live a life of reason, purpose, and pride. Our government schools and public universities are graduating too many future parents who have never heard of this, and eventually rely on these same schools to also act as parents. It has been going on for 50 years. It has to end.

Here's How Small Business Will Take Over The Planet.

People prefer to deal with those they know, like and trust. Small business can win big on these three fronts. More and more customers will make the choice to buy from small business, especially now that technology, science, efficiency and organizational effectiveness are no longer reserved to big business.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: A Former Slave's Determination to Transcend Politics with Philosophy and Economics in the Jim Crow South

Booker T. Washington was an advisor to Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Taft, his autobiography, Up From Slavery, was a national bestseller, his Tuskegee University producers scientists such as George Washington Carver, and with Andrew Carnegie, he founded America's first national business network. However is story is largely unknown as its been ignored by progressive public education establishment because Booker was a champion of individualism.

The More Billionaires We Have, The Better Off We All Are.

The whine about the wealth of the billionaire class “impoverishing millions of blue collar workers” is a total falsehood. If the common man were impoverished by the billionaires, there would be no billionaires. The shares of Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook would be in freefall to reflect the rising impoverishment of their customers and users. The common man is not only not impoverished, but is actually doing very well.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Individual Mind Behind the Swedish Economic Miracle

The Swedish country parson, Anders Chydenius, is a relatively unknown giant among Enlightenment philosophers, economists, and inventors. His ideas written in the 1765 pamphlet, The National Gain, fueled the Swedish economic miracle from 1850-1950, and predated Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. Thanks to Chydenius, Sweden was the first country in the world to adopt freedom of the press, 25 years before America's 1st Amendment, cementing economic freedom and political freedom as the co-dependent variables for human flourishing.

How The Brookings Institute Is Politicizing Gross Domestic Product To Undermine Liberty.

Apparently the most financially and ethically bankrupt regions of America are high-output and forward looking populations centers that deserve greater political power. The Brookings Institute is using GDP data and Bachelor Degrees to justify their attack on the US Constitution. They refuse to acknowledge that it is the American federalist system that is fundamental to peaceful human progress.
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Poetic Justice Warrior Spotlight: The Entrepeneur Who Is Teaching Today's Children And Parents The Economic Way.

In our postmodern culture, the political way has a monopoly on the minds of our youngest thinkers. Connor Boyack is fighting back and reclaiming elementary education for parents, and the teachers of their children, to teach the economic way. The goal is to arm active young minds with the distinction between persuasion and coercion, self-reliance vs. dependence, and how to win their own futures.