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We seek to be a catalyst for cultural change and a hub for all who aspire to live a self-reliant life.

Our purpose is to support individuals in building a better life for themselves – and in so doing, to build a better society for all.

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The Key to a Free and Prosperous Society

Individualism is an idea of society that champions individual liberty, creativity, and self-reliance. A thriving society cannot be engineered by the collectivist designs of central planners, sociology professors, or government economists. Rather, it is is the combined effects of individual actions and the spontaneous collaborations of free people that produce economic growth, cultural vitality, and social wellbeing.

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F.A. Hayek: The Father of Individualism

Hayek was one of the leading academic critics of collectivism in the 20th century. Hayek argued that all forms of collectivism (even those theoretically based on voluntary co-operation) could only be maintained by a central authority of some kind. In Hayek’s view, the central role of the state should be to maintain the rule of law, with as little arbitrary intervention as possible.

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F.A. Hayek
The Mirage of Social Justice


The Mirage of Social Justice

Empty. Meaningless. Thoughtless. Vacuous. Naïve. Hollow. Shameful. Fraudulent. Primitive thinking. Demagogy. Cheap journalism. Irresponsible. A grave threat. Destructive of the values of civilization.

These are some of the words and phrases F. A. Hayek use to describe the term – and the idea of – “social justice” and the people who employ it. These are not the words of a detached academic, but of someone who feels deeply and emotionally about the collapse of a great civilization threatened by those determined to destroy it, who will twist and invert both language and principle to achieve their goal. Hayek is driven by the spirit of resistance to these forces.

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Our 10-Point Manifesto For Individualism

Hayek gave a speech titled Individualism True and False at a time when Europe and much of the world had committed self-destruction through warring governments. He wanted to point out how this could be avoided by future generations. His prescription was the system of Individualism.

The “false” interpretation of Individualism is that it means isolated, self-contained individuals who don’t collaborate. For Hayek, Individualism was a social concept with the potential to result in a better life for all.

We offer a somewhat modernized summary and language, in the strong belief that the underlying ideas are fully applicable today.

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10 Point Manifesto For Individualism

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