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The Emerging Institutions Of Entrepreneurship:Are Digital Marketspaces The Last Free Market Frontier?

Is the digital hand the last frontier for the average person to do good business in marketspaces? The problem with the dead hand is that it imposes barriers that eliminate the incentive for many to consider selling on eBay, Esty, Poshmark, etc. A requirement for permits and upfront fees to start entrepreneurial activities will impose disincentives to conduct business in marketspaces. Why?

The Emerging Institutions Of Entrepreneurship:The Rise Of The Digital Hand And The Emerging Class Of Digitalpreneurs.

The digital hand is the enablement of a broad and deep population of new entrepreneurs who have easy access to infrastructure and resources available via the internet and who can connect to every available source of knowledge, expertise, and support. The digital hand opens economic opportunities for everyday people who can participate as entrepreneurs in today's economic marketspaces.

I Became a Libertarian By Learning Three Life-Lessons.

Government has existed for millennia; only a century or so ago did intellectuals — many of them economists — come up with the idea that government was a suitable instrument for solving society’s problems. It is a bizarre idea: why should the guys with the guns run the financial system or provide us with education or health care?

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