The Interconnected Individual

By Hunter Hastings & Jeff Saperstien

Given the rapid technological, organizational, and structural changes that challenge conventional institutions and economies, what is the future of work? The authors propose a path to seize opportunity for the individual worker and entrepreneur, who can be newly interconnected and augmented by emerging technologies.

The Interconnected Individual is intended to help business and professional executives and freelance workers to adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set, regardless of field, industry, or work role.

This Book Will Teach You…

  • why your empathy makes you an economic winner

  • to design your own lifelong learning plan

  • to benefit from spontaneous (entrepreneurial) order

  • to live a better and more fulfilling life at work!

  • how every individual can be an entrepreneur

  • to master systems thinking for the new entrepreneurial world

  • to thrive in the emerging socio-technical system

  • to scale your individual economic capacity via interconnectivity

Meet The Authors

Hunter Hastings, Executive Director at Center for Individualism

Hunter Hastings

Executive Director at CFI, Established Author & Entrepreneur

Hunter Hastings is a partner in Bialla Venture Partners venture capital fund, an angel investor, a mentor to entrepreneurs, and a researcher in entrepreneurship in the tradition of the Austrian School Of Economics. He has founded, managed, advised and sold start-up businesses. He is executive director of the Center for Individualism, which advocates for individual entrepreneurship and self-reliance, and a Member of Mises Institute.

Jeff Saperstein

Founder Business Executives and STEM Professional Network

Jeff Saperstein’s professional background includes careers in advertising, nonprofit marketing and fund-raising, university teaching, writing, and coaching. He is a career transition coach, university lecturer, and author of business case studies and books. Jeff’s mission is to help others be successful by aligning their own values with their work, up-skilling their proficiencies to improve their market value and career options, and encouraging them to take calculated risks for their own happiness.

Praise For The Interconnected Individual

“I have always advocated individual entrepreneurship and the use of enabling tools like the Internet. It’s the smart way to generate income and wealth and retain independence. Hastings and Saperstein expand this idea into a broad vision for the future of entrepreneurship in a new world of emerging technologies, increasing every individual’s capacity to succeed.”

Tom WoodsThe Tom Woods Show, TomWoods.Com

“Creating a life in which what you do is aligned with who you are and what matters most to you is a life of which most people dream. Funny thing is, it doesn’t have to be illusive—it just has to be intentional. And that’s just the approach and clarity that Saperstein and Hastings lay out in The Interconnected Individual.

D. Luke Iorio, PCCPresident of iPEC and One Idea Away

“The world of work has changed dramatically over the last 30 years with PCs replacing secretaries and the concept of a ‘job for life’ all but evaporating. Technologies like artificial intelligence remind us that we are currently at the beginning of this journey and the one thing we know about the future of work is that it is unpredictable. So how do we cope with the new realities? In their new book The Interconnected Individual, Jeff Saperstein and Hunter Hastings offer a unique approach based on individual self-reliance to chart a successful path through an ever-changing world. The authors cite a rich body of examples drawn from their wealth of experience in industry and academia, but this book offers more than just a conceptual framework. This is a hands- on text with many exercises that will help you cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and build the skills you need in the modern workplace.”

Daryl PereiraIBM Creative Content Director, Watson & Cloud Platform

“What a timely book. A must read. At a time when most of us despair at political dysfunction and rising autocratic regimes around the world, Jeff and Hunter provide a much needed uplifting and optimistic view of an entrepreneurial-driven future with great opportunities where you can easily connect with others, anywhere, and do good and do well. And they make a strong case for why technologies will be augmenting rather than displacing people. This book will brighten your day.”

Eilif TrondsenBoard member, and Chair of Special Interest Group on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning, Silicon Vikings

“Given the uncertain and changing nature of work, we all need Sherpas to guide us into the future. This book offers practical and insightful methods and activities to help you map a future career or course correct your current one.”

Kevin WheelerFounder of Global Learning Resources

“The world must listen to Hastings and Saperstein: AI should connect individuals and serve their values. Why should AI do anything else? And still, this is exactly what we fear AI will NOT let us do. The book offers valuable understanding how it can be done.”

David NordforsCo-Founder of the Innovation for Jobs Foundation

“This is a self-help book for the digital age. It helps create meaning out of chaos by providing a clear understanding of the mindset, behaviors and activities that will help entrepreneurs, managers and leaders thrive in the new world. Well done!”

Jonathan LevyHead of Learning and Development, Autodesk, Inc.

“What does the future of entrepreneurship look like? Hastings and Saperstein give us a happy roadmap in The Interconnected Individual. This is a business book for the individual, not the cubicle drone or the linear thinking manager. It’s a business book for the mid-21st century, a future where middlemen, bureaucrats, banks, corporations, and even governments yield to radical decentralization. It’s a future where knowledge and information become social rather than scientific. And happily, it’s a decidedly democratized future—in the technological rather than political sense.
The key to it all is the highly connected individual entrepreneur, aided by cheap ‘cognitive assistants’ providing stupendous knowledge and information. The Interconnected Individual promises a revolution in how society produces goods and services, one that is bloodless, frictionless, connected, social, and ultimately liberating.”

Jeff DeistPresident, Mises Institute

“Hunter Hastings and Jeff Saperstein have created a viable vision and lexicon for the future of work through the lens of their concept, the individual economy. The optimism of their ideas in The Interconnected Individual advocates self-reliance, where individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset play a key role in the democratization of opportunity. While so many express concerns about the vanishing job market, they offer credible analysis of how adapting to technology trends rebukes this gloomy prediction. Innovation in artificial intelligence, blockchain, the cloud, and global exchange platforms will create more choices for businesses, professionals, and the vibrant freelance market. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to control their future by responding to change, rather than letting circumstances define them”

Marti KonstantWorkplace futurist and author, Activate Your Agile Career

“Jeff and Hunter have a knack for translating the current zeitgeist into the rare framework that helps us see the future.”

Eileen CleggFounder, Visual Insight

“Hastings and Saperstein have managed to create a book that is both useful today and will continue to be in the future. They bring thoughtful ideas to understand the current job/career-finding landscape as well as practical steps you can put into use immediately. Highly recommended.”

Jim KellyReal Leaders Lead Executive Coach

“Technology innovation is reshaping the world of work in profound and unexpected ways. People from every walk of life are anxious about their vocational future and economic security. Firms must navigate new waters in building their future workforces and developing leadership corps while also reimagining the physical and digital relationships with the people who make their business tick. Schools, colleges, and training institutions are seeing their markets disrupted by new models of learning that are geared to the constantly shrinking half-life of knowledge and know-how. And local, state, and national governments are facing intense pressure to refocus investments and policies on their human capital stock in order to remain competitively relevant in the global economy. The world of work is undergoing massive shifts that not only redistribute opportunities among people and machines but also bring into the fold billions of people who traditionally were left behind. The Interconnected Individual is an invaluable compass for anyone seeking to understand these new forces, navigate these novel challenges, and reposition themselves for the opportunities of the future.”

Dr. Guy HalfteckFounder and CEO, Knack Corporation

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