There Is A Private Property Solution To Our Concerns About Facebook.

Facebook would store this info in a virtual locker, and users would control access. The social network already has this data. It simply needs to corral it into two billion virtual lockers. Each user could then share or not. Here’s the good news: Facebook is going to pay you to share. Then they’ll turn around and charge you a similar amount to cover the cost of servers, electricity, coders and Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodies.

Each Of Us Can Drive Towards Lifetime Sustained Peak Performance – Like Tom Brady

What if we had a President whose brand was built around the promise of being the best person he could, and helping all Americans to be the most productive they could be, and helping the country to achieve peak performance, focusing on the most important contributory factors and eschewing the political distractions that get in the way? What if any politician were to build such a brand and make such a commitment? It would be nice if one of them read Tom Brady’s book and reflected on the difference between personal peak performance and political performance.

Communicate, Engage And Serve Others: How Individuals Build Communities Like Forests

This interconnectedness of individual trees and animals, which nurtures the entire ecosystem, precisely reflects the nature of Individualism. Individualism is a system. Each individual extends branches and roots to become as strong as possible, and connects and communicates with others to make the forest strong, which is good for the forest and good for every tree.

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