The Scientific Method of Inductive Reasoning Proves the Moral Foundation of Individualism

More complex ideas of morality and law are put together from simple ones by the faculty of reason, that is, the mental functions of repetition, comparison, combination and abstraction. The goal of such knowledge was to guide man in determining what he ought to do as a rational and voluntary agent for the attainment of any end, especially happiness.

Entrepreneur Zones: Teaching People To Fish In America’s Abundantly Stocked Economic River.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s March on Washington in 1963 was actually called the March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom. It was economic activism, as well as political and social activism. Economic activism – teaching more people how to fish in America’s rapidly flowing and abundantly stocked economic river - can be more productive on more fronts than protest, social justice campaigning or welfare legislation.

Economics Enables Us To See That Racism Exists Only When Free Enterprise Is Taken Away.

If the Davonte Bryants of the world are to be safeguarded, we must embrace private property rights, free enterprise, capitalism. That is their last best hope. This system has done more for the African-American community than any other, Imperfect as is the US economic system, the GDP of all black citizens together would rank 12th in the world, if they constituted a separate country.

Poetic Justice Warrior William Bradford Discovers the Source of Thanksgiving’s Abundance

William Bradford's epiphany was the triumph of capitalism over collectivism, and it completes the chain reaction - freedom, responsibility, self government, capitalism, abundance, and enjoyment. Tomorrow is the day for Americans of all nationalities to enjoy the people they value, take pleasure in the banquet afforded by their enterprise, and be grateful for humanity's newly discovered lives of reason, purpose, and pride.

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