The Quiet Exodus From Mass Schooling

Parents are fed up. As mass schooling becomes more restrictive, more standardized and more far-reaching into a child’s young life, many parents are choosing alternatives.

Individualism, Innovation, and Economic Growth

Individualism is on trial. Its proponents claim that it encourages social progress and generates economic opportunity. Its accusers contend that it breeds selfishness and economic injustice. But what does the evidence show?

Individualism Can Cure America’s Ills

The individualist is not selfish, not isolated, not disconnected. The individualist understands that his or her role in society is connection and collaboration.

About The Center For Individualism

The Center for Individualism exists to revive individualism in America. We seek to be a catalyst for cultural change and a hub for all who aspire to live a self-reliant life. We produce content, curate resources, provide services, and facilitate relationships that empower people to achieve their personal and economic ambitions. Our purpose is to support individuals in building a better life for themselves – and in so doing, to build a better society for all.

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