Collectivism Will Always Be a Threat to the Individual

Whether you advocate some form of socialism or express nationalist sympathies, both are contrary to the spirit of individualism. Both claim to advance freedom but inevitably lead down the road to serfdom.

Institutions Decay, Technology Advances

Technology is fundamental to new learning strategies. In a sense, technology is the new institution. As the old institution decays, technology advances, responding to the changing needs and preferences of consumers.

Jay-Z: The Great American Entrepreneur

what is particularly fascinating about Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is that his success was built on the precepts of free market capitalism, without which he would have never risen above the circumstances he was born into.

Most Economists View The Economy Backwards.

Treating the economy as demand driven is placing the cart before the horse. It is easily done if one does not have a conception of what entrepreneurs do, as is commonly the case in modern economics.

We’re Richer Than We Realize

Government statistics paint an excessively grim picture of what is happening to real wages and the growth of real national income. They overtly downplay increases in quality of life and the ever increasing value offered in the marketplace.

About The Center For Individualism

The Center for Individualism exists to revive individualism in America. We seek to be a catalyst for cultural change and a hub for all who aspire to live a self-reliant life. We produce content, curate resources, provide services, and facilitate relationships that empower people to achieve their personal and economic ambitions. Our purpose is to support individuals in building a better life for themselves – and in so doing, to build a better society for all.

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