There Are No Experts In The Category For Which We Require Expertise.

When making policy about complex phenomena, politicians can only guess which experts to attend to, and which to ignore. There is no reason to assume that such guesses hit their marks more often than not or, indeed, that they tend to improve the relevant circumstances rather than make them worse. Policymakers do not have access to interdisciplinary experts about complex, multi-causal phenomena. Such experts do not exist. 

Consuming Is Not Mindless Buying Of Stuff. It Is Social Co-ordination Through The Exercise Of Choice In The Marketplace.

On the whole, excessive consumption may not fulfill a Forbes writer’s desires, but it may bring true happiness for some people. People who buy fulfill their economic role of supporting business owners and their local community. To assert that consumers should stop “excessively” buying products assumes away the only social coordination between consumers and producers that facilitates goals and mutually beneficial choices for everyone involved.

When We Can’t Agree On Anything, Let’s Live Apart.

Ignoring one another is a peaceful way of coexisting; Not interacting is a viable solution unless we’re forced to do so through a one-size-fits-all political process. Playing the political game makes it worse, and the collapse of personal grand narratives have let politics substitute for every other desire we have.

Take A Job? No, Make A Job.

As soon as factories appeared, so did “jobs”. Somehow, the term tended towards tasks that were “low” and menial. A job is something the worker takes. It is given to him or her as a gift, a privilege, an act of generosity of an employer. We should be grateful for our jobs, and try hard to keep them, not lose them.

Too Many Lawyers. Too Many Laws.

The proportion of lawyers in the workforce almost doubled between 1970 and 2000, and the nation now is, Howard has said, ludicrously dense with laws and dazed by “rule stupor.” Government accountability now means only court-enforced compliance with “the ever-thickening accretion of rules, rights, and restrictions.” So, “slowly but inevitably a sense of powerlessness” pervades public and private institutions.

How To Deprogram Us.

“Improving” the news could also be accelerated as part of the general deprogramming effort—a process that is already well underway. Networks and platforms would have to use approved terminology. For example, the Biden vaccination will lead to the Biden economic recovery from the Trump quarantine and Trump recession, and finally end the Trump virus.

Socialism, Not Debt, Causes Economic Collapse.

In 1819, England’s debt-to-GDP ratio reached 261%. Yet England’s economy soared in the 19th century. It was the country’s Golden Age. Good policy tends to have that kind of positive effect. England broadly pursued good ones. Rather than erect barriers to foreign goods and services, the political class shrunk them.

“Stakeholder Capitalism” Is Doublespeak For Economic Fascism.

If companies end up masking their level of profitability in order to appear more ‘ethical’ and placate the mob, the process of market alignment that indirectly benefits everybody is hampered. Resources that ought to be moved into an underserved area of production are not, as the ‘profit signal’ has been obscured.

Carlsbad, CA Says No More to Lockdowns. May It Be a National Model!

The simple truth is that the power-mad can’t arrest everyone. If restaurants and bars open en masse in California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and every other city and state overseen by authoritarians, what can the authorities do? There aren’t enough jails and handcuffs, and there aren’t enough guns to subdue a mass, nationwide, owner, employee and customer protest against a tragic lapse of reason.

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