Are There Now 50 Million Enemies Of The State? Let’s Hope So.

Trump’s legacy will not be shaped by his actions—or even by how his enemies portray him. Ultimately, it comes down to his base and the movement he inspired. "The Jeffersonians were much better than Jefferson. The Taftians were much better than Robert Taft. The Trumpians tend to be much better than Trump."

President Biden’s Divisive Inaugural Speech Hit All The Expected Themes Of Racial Resentment And Blame.

The next four years will likely be one long anti-white-privilege struggle session. Any real effort to close racial achievement gaps, such as fighting the “acting white” ethic that prevents many inner-city children from trying hard in school, will be deferred and discredited. Biden is betting that white liberals, at least, will continue hanging their heads in penance for their hereditary crimes and trot off to their latest show trial.

Economics For Business:Treating Consumers As Means Instead Of Ends Is A Fatal Flaw For Silicon Valley Business Models.

Ultimately, the kinds of Silicon Valley companies to which these observations apply face a cultural problem. Consumer value and consumer service are not a sufficient part of their DNA. They were founded and developed to nurture technology. They found bolt-on monetization schemes that responded to mass reach. Culturally, the idea of consumer value has never been central to them.

Economics For Individuals: Can We Really Identify Bubbles? Only In Hindsight.

In a strange way, we reserve the derogatory term “bubble” only to those who don’t succeed. The difference between Amazon, the online retail giant we all know, and, the obscure 1990s startup that only financial nerds now talk about, is that Amazon succeeded. In hindsight, that’s obvious; from the point of view of 1999, it wasn’t.

Change In Washington DC? Hardly. Both Parties Are The Parties Of Big Government.

For evidence, consider President George W. Bush's presidency, when, for a time, Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. During that time, we saw the creation of a new department (Homeland Security) and of a new entitlement (Medicare Part D), and spending exploded. Data confirm that unified government does not keep government restrained, even if the controlling party is supposedly the enemy of big government.

“The Market” Can Deliver Pho and Spring Rolls. It Can Deliver Vaccines.

Markets coordinate the division of labor and the division of knowledge. We cooperate to mutual advantage and deploy for our purposes expertise and skills we don’t have for purposes other people may not understand. Exchange collapses the incomprehensibly complex into simple bids and offers whereby people decide whether or not they want and are willing to pay for what is on offer at the requested price.

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